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A simple score attack game; collect cakes to score points and get as high a score as possible before time runs out.

Every 3 cakes eaten without touching the ground will icrease the multiplier by 1. Each cake eaten will reset the double jump and dash. Use this to your advantage and stay in air as long as you can to not reset your multiplier.


[SPACE]: Jump/Double Jump

[Z]: Dash

[LEFT ARROW]: Move left

[RIGHT ARROW]: Move Right

Install instructions

**Recompiled in windows, so building from source on linux should no longer be necessary. Just run HamJam2017.exe, and it should work. Note: This is my first time doing it though

In order to compile, the following libraries are necessary:







To build with included makefile, run following command while in base directory of game:


To play, run executable "HamJam_2017"


HamJam2017 Entry - Updated.zip 1 MB


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Is there a way to just play the game rather than having to use the source code and compile it ourselves? I'm sure out there someone wants the source code, but I just want to play the game :-)


I recompiled the game in windows, and I think it should be working fine. Just download the new zip file and run the HamJam2017.exe.

This is my first time doing this though, so let me know if you run into problems. Thanks for taking an interest.